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When Llynlea Fine Homes was founded in 2004, the company's principals were meeting in the home of Michael Davies, a house of the traditional Georgian Mansion architectural style which had been constructed for Michael's father, Arthur Davies in 1963. Upon completion of the house, Arthur, following in the British tradition of naming country manors, named the house "Llynlea" (pronounced Lynn-Lee). In homage of his Welsh heritage, Arthur chose to combine two Welsh words when formulating a name for his new home, "Llyn" meaning "lake" in Welsh and "Lea" meaning "over-looking," in essence, "over-looking lake" as the house sits atop a hill overlooking Kingston harbour.

When it came to naming their new land development and house building companies, Michael Davies, John Armitage and Eric Davies felt it was fitting to name their companies after such a stately and traditional home as well as to incorporate some of the Davies family history into the company name. An architectural outline of the family home was selected to be used as part of the company's logo and hence the "Llynlea" name has now become synonymous with one of Kingston's most trusted and prestigious building companies.

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3 years 1 month ago
I'd like to thank to the Llynlea Fine Homes company for sponsoring me in the 1st-in-Kingston Swim For Kids fundraiser to benefit kids with physical disability. Obviously, the company's partiality to watersports extends beyond its President John Armitage's notorious passion for rowing. On behalf of the children with physical disability, the beneficiaries of this fundraiser event, thank you for your generous contribution!

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