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Llynlea Fine Homes Construction Quality Control Program: Llynlea Fine Homes implements an eight-step quality control process to ensure that your home is built to your expectations. These 8 steps are as follows:

  1. Our surveyor lays out the excavation and "pins" the building corners prior to foundation wall construction to ensure that the house is built square and in accordance with the plans.
  2. We employ a Geotechnical Engineer to certify that the foundation bearing capacity is in accordance with the Ontario Building Code.
  3. We employ a Structural Engineer to certify that the foundation has been constructed in accordance with the Ontario Building Code and design specifications prior to backfill.
  4. We arrange inspections with the City building inspector prior to the pouring of footings, prior to backfilling, prior to the pouring of the basement floor (to ensure that the plumbing is installed in accordance with code), at the completion of framing and prior to drywall installation (to inspect insulation).
  5. We only use high quality structural grade lumber and spruce plywood on sub floors to ensure the highest quality construction.
  6. We undertake a framing inspection to ensure all rooms are built to the correct dimensions and are square and plumb.
  7. Prior to drywall we examine all walls to ensure that all studs are plumb and all walls straight. Any studs, which may have warped, will be replaced.
  8. We employ a professional engineer to verify that the lot is graded in accordance with the approved grading plan.

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3 years 1 month ago
I'd like to thank to the Llynlea Fine Homes company for sponsoring me in the 1st-in-Kingston Swim For Kids fundraiser to benefit kids with physical disability. Obviously, the company's partiality to watersports extends beyond its President John Armitage's notorious passion for rowing. On behalf of the children with physical disability, the beneficiaries of this fundraiser event, thank you for your generous contribution!

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